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Canal Digital Denmark

Canal Digital Denmark aims to provide the best and most comprehensive TV-experience, focusing on bringing the most popular Danish and international TV-channels to the customer. As the leading provider of HDTV-channels in Denmark, Canal Digital holds a strong position on spreading HDTV in the local market. Their head office is located in Glostrup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

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Canal Digital Finland

Canal Digital is the most experienced HDTV distributor in Finland, and was the first television company in Finland to begin supplying HDTV channels, in the fall of 2005. Canal Digital Finland can also boast the most varied program and channel supply in the market.You will find the Canal Digital offices outside of Helsinki at Keilaniemi in Espoo.

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Canal Digital Norway

Canal Digital Norway focuses on TV distribution via satellite and is the leading provider of high definition television (HDTV) in Norway. The main office of Canal Digital Norway is situated at Fornebu outside Oslo.

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Canal Digital Sweden

Canal Digital Sweden is a satellite-TV provider with a comprehensive channel offer and various on demand services.In 2005 Canal Digital Sweden began providing HDTV by satellite and today HDTV is available on all plattforms, making Canal Digital Sweden the leading HDTV-distributor in Sweden. The head office is situated in Stockholm, with a regional office located in Malmö.

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